Year in, year out, AAC members’ sustainable development efforts are recognized by the awarding and renewal of various certifications:

  • “ICI on recycle,” Quebec certification for responsible management of residual materials, awarded by Recyc-­Québec
  • ISO 14001, an international environmental management systems standard
  • OHSAS 18001, an international standard for occupational health and safety management systems
  • Membership in the Energy Savers’ Circle, a network of large companies recognized by Hydro-­Québec for their leadership and exceptional performance in the area of energy efficiency

Explanation of variations in the number of certified sites:

  • The number of members of the Energy Savers’ Circle grew from three in 2008 to ten in 2011, and then remained stable until 2016. The figures include several sites classified as “Members of Distinction,” the highest level assigned by Hydro­Québec.
  • For the ISO and OHSAS standards, the variations are due to site closures and openings over the years, as well as corporate decisions to no longer apply for these certifications.
  • ICI on recycle” certification is valid for three years. The number of sites validated varies from one year to another.


    It should be noted that all of the AAC members’ sites have been taken into consideration, not just aluminium smelters, as indicated in the study parameters.

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